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Hajia Mama Foods

Tomato Stew

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Tomato Stew: This mouth watering and flavourful Ghanaian tomato sauce/stew is truly versatile. A definite pantry staple for the busy working mom/adult looking for convenient, easy, great tasting food. 

Use as a base for the authentic ghana jollof, spinach stew, egg stew or vegetable stew. Can also be enjoyed with cooked rice, potatoes, plantain, yam, kenkey or pasta. 

Ingredients: tomatoes, canola oil, onion, tomato paste, bell peppers, ginger, garlic, spices, fermented locust bean, mushroom powder, pepper, salt, citric acid

Storage: Keep your stew refrigerated after opening, consume within a week of opening. Use a clean and dry spoon for scooping and make sure to clean the stew off the neck of your bottle after use.